Heat pumps for your house
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Heat pumps for your house

Operation at the temperature of -25°C

The TROPICO heat pump operates at an outdoor temperature of -25°C. This value is below the design temperature for the coldest, fifth temperature zone in Poland: -24°C.

Auxiliary heater

Units are equipped with an electric heater which warms water and makes it possible to reach the supply temperature of 70°C. Heat pumps are equipped with 3 kW electric heater with 3 capacity steps: 3/6/9 kW.

High energy efficiency A+++

This means the highest electrical energy saving, and thus money and also the lowest impact on the environment.

Product features


TROPICO Split heat pump is a set composed of an outdoor unit and indoor unit (hydraulic module). These units are designed to provide space heating as well as produce domestic heat water. TROPICO heat pumps can operate in heating and cooling mode.


TROPICO All In One heat pumps consist of an outdoor unit and a hydraulic module with an integrated domestic water tank with a volume of 190 l or 240 l. Together with the DHW tank, the TROPICO All In One heat pump ensures the possibility of domestic water storage and requires less space.

TROPICO MONO heat pumps

TROPICO MONO heat pumps consist of a single outdoor unit. This ensures space savings. There is no need to prepare piping connecting an evaporator with a hydraulic module. Also, the source of noise is not located inside the house.

Key features of the TROPICO heat pump:

• Temperature control in multi zones

• DHW priority

• Fast DHW production

• ECO mode

• Disinfection of water tank

• Super quiet mode

• Weekly timer

• Control of solar heating

• Control of auxiliary heat source

• Holiday mode

• Wired remote controller with Wi-Fi control

• Floor drying

• Smart Grid

• Self-diagnosis

• BMS control

• Smartphone application

How to order a heat pump?


Selection of the best unit

Find our point of sale and our installer will help you select a perfect heat pump for your home!


Installation and commissioning

Make an appointment with our installer on the convenient date for the heat pump installation at your home.


Enjoy your pump

You have been waiting for this! Enjoy the use of our product!

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Enjoy the perfect temperature in your home

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