Wall-mounted heat recovery ventilators
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Wall-mounted heat recovery ventilators
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Quiet operation

This unit provides the low noise function which improves comfort of use.

HEPA filter

The use of HEPA filters in air-conditioning allows to stop 99% of dust larger than 0.3 µm.

8 fan speeds

This ensures that the cleanest possible air is delivered to the room

Humidity level monitoring

The device features the function of reading the moisture level, giving the possibility of full control over air quality.

Wireless remote controller

The wireless controller allows you to quickly manage the operation of the device from a distance.

Product features

8 fan speeds

provides the right amount of air in any conditions

Operation mode changeover

make it possible to adjust the operating parameters of the recuperator to the current conditions in the room. This provides full control over the air quality.

Highly efficient enthalpy exchanger

enables the highest degree of cooling or heating to be obtained in a short time

Advanced filtration system

based on a triple set of filters, starting from the pre-filter, through the active carbon filter and finally the HEPA filter. Application of the triple filtration system ensures the purest air, which shall be supplied to the user room.

Efficiency 150 m3/h

How to order a recuperator


Selection of the best unit

Find our point of sale and our installer will help you select a perfect heat pump for your home!


Installation and commissioning

Make an appointment with our installer on the convenient date for the heat pump installation at your home.


Enjoy your pump

You have been waiting for this! Enjoy the use of our product!

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Heat recovery ventilator

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